360Medlink, a pioneer in Digital Health and Digital Therapeutics (DTx)

360Medlink is a software development company focusing on scientifically tested digital health solutions that bring considerable value to patients, providers and payers.

We serve a variety of clients from pharmaceutical/biotech companies, government agencies and healthcare organizations. Our products help improve the lives of chronic disease patients, often from vulnerable communities who tend to fall through the cracks.

Over the years we have built unique expertise in healthcare technology, and continue to expand our strategic partnerships both nationally and internationally.

Today, the 360Medlink proprietary platforms serve as a catalyst inspiring a wide variety of digital innovation.

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TAVIERX The Ideal Treatment Companion

Increase Patient Engagement

Through personalized on demand coaching including gamification and incentives. Improve patient satisfaction with care.

Improve Treatment Adherence

With heightened self-efficacy, knowledge, and skills. Provide useful tips, notifications, and connected tools.

Reduce Healthcare Costs

Through increased adherence, fewer clinical visits, remote monitoring, improved care coordination, better disease management, and reduced need for visits to the ER.





TAVIERX - Also available to support disease prevention and wellness!

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Clinical Trial Platforms

We develop clinical trial platforms that meet the diverse needs of our B2B clients and end-users. Over the past eight years, our platforms have improved the performance of more than a dozen clinical trials, facilitating enrolment and helping coordinators reach recruitment goals. Major pharmaceutical and biotech companies depend on our solutions to support clinical trial operations in North-America, Europe, and in global markets. Find out about TrialAdvisor, TrialPortals, and our custom solutions.

Enhance Communication

Breakdown information silos across internal and external stakeholders. Centralize and secure documentation storage. Deliver actionable analytics for improved trial monitoring.

Raise Trial Awareness

Map global clinical trials. Visualize trial progression and asset development in real-time. Tackle patient recruitment efficiently.

Build Customized Solutions

Build user-centered tools with a team of domain experts. Capitalize on innovative platforms tailored to the specific needs of pharmaceutical companies, biotech, payers, and researchers.


A powerful, intuitive, and visual platform to access and display pipeline compounds. Help increase clinical trial communication and trial programs for both internal (medical science liaisons) and external (investigators and HCPs) stakeholders.

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A centralized, interactive, and personalized web platform to easily interact with an investigator community around specific clinical trial programs. Our TrialPortals increase investigators engagement, improve coordination between sites and clinical team, and significantly accelerate patient recruitment.

Trusted By

Pharmaceutical and Biotech companies, Healthcare organizations, and government agencies

Trusted By

Pharmaceutical and Biotech companies, Healthcare organizations, and government agencies

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Over the past eight years, we have collaborated on groundbreaking products with amazing brands


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